Our students say…

Fabiana Operti

Was student of the course of organizing of events, had the opportunity of learn and interact with large professional and know good companions. The great experience of teachers and its proximity to the students is something to keep in mind. Sessions interesting and intense, that helps you both professionally and personally.

Provides a new vision of the world, you'll never see the same way, an event, a wedding, an event, a speech, or a simple napkin, everything depends on the eyes that you look at. I would repeat with the same teachers and students of exception. Many thanks for having me given that opportunity.

GEMA Cabrera Valenciano

Thanks Alessandra! Has been a real pleasure and an honour to have you teacher, do not lie or exaggerate, look if so is that still not liking me much the idea of organising a wedding, as you listened to me "fascinantia."

It is impossible to be able to show so very much as it requires a course like this in such a short time, but we have infected your enthusiasm and that's the best way to achieve each one by itself continue to learn. Your premiere as a teacher could not be better, as I say you've excited but also has helped, involved and achieved that we learn, to me that Professor have been master that in my opinion is the best.

Never never that vitality that characterizes you, a million thanks!

Sweet rock Adam

For my was a very revealing course. I didn't know much of this world of events and I've learned a lot. Has been a course very intense although I had liked expand it slightly, also the teachers put both enthusiasm that is contagious.

Arancha Valdés

"This course has clearly exceeded my expectations, it has been a daily surprise of information, of practice and application." Clearly it gave me the urge to go more deeply into this exciting world of event organizer. "Thank you for the enthusiasm and the delivery of their forming, Fatima and Alessandra, and primarily think necessary highlight its great humanity and professionalism"

Sandra Knight Vazquez

As a student of the course of events we have received recently, I mean, that he has surprised me pleasantly surprised, I didn't expect so much information, so useful and so diverse. He thought that as in most of the courses that I have attended, would be entirely theoretical, and changing the practical part of workshops and activities and even outputs outside the classroom, have been quite an experience and learning of knowledge, not expected.

Tremendously intense, well scheduled, structured, broad…

The best, the quality of the teachers, both professionally and personally.

I hope anxious calls new with new modules to continue to learn from its experience and good work.



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